Space Travel

Advances in Space Travel This article I found in the NasaApp I thought was pretty damn cool.  Humankind is amazing.  Our astronauts who orbit the earth tweeting about their spacewalks proves that we really do live in the future.  And we are advancing every day! It was only a matter…

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Along the Cygnus Wall Nebula

Along the Cygnus Wall

Along The Cygnus Wall Digging through some of the APOD archives, I found this picture which brought me back to the first time I saw it.  I probably spent a good hour on the subject of this emission nebula.  Probably because of just how vast it is, while thinking that this…

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Pandora's Cluster

Pandora Cluster - Abell 2744

Pandora’s Cluster – A Galactic Moshpit One of the Universe’s great behemoths, the Pandora Cluster, also known as Abell 2744 acts like a galactic moshpit.  With nearly 500 galaxies in this cluster, you could imagine that the tidal gravitational interactions between them can be immense.  And in this image, that has…

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