Hello Reader!

My name is Travis.  I grew up in a small mountain town in New Mexico where I did all of the typical things a young man would do.  I skateboarded, played video games, went off roading with my buddies and just didn’t know what I wanted to do in life.

I learned many lessons about being a great human being from the experiences and fantastic parenting of my parents.  Without these two phenomenal human beings, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

My History

I joined the Navy and served aboard our nation’s finest Aircraft Carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN75). I did two tours to the Persian Gulf and two yard periods.  I have many fine memories from my five years in the Navy and I came out with an Honorable discharge and a ton of experiences, skills and new friendships.

Norfolk, VA is where I met my wife, we packed up our lives and moved to Arizona to start a new life. I attended ITT Technical Institute and worked in the IT industry full time while obtaining my associates.

My family and I moved to New England to be close to friends and family where we still currently reside in small town with our two dogs and two daughters.

Currently, I’m a Systems Administrator for a Web Development company where I take care of our users, infrastructure both in the building and in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCE and Rackspace) for internal and production uses.

What I Enjoy Doing

In my off time I’m mostly working around the house doing renovations and all of the typical home owner chores like mowing the grass, picking up after the dogs etc.  Not that I necessarily enjoy doing those things, but they have to be done!  I really enjoy spending time with my wife, kids and two dogs.  They are my life.  Every. Bit. Of. It.

I also find a slight enthusiasm for building WordPress sites.  I started my first one from scratch with the one you’re currently reading this on.  From there, I’ve built several others.  I love the WordPress platform and the convenience it brings and the flexibility available with it.