The BlackHoleCam

The Event Horizon Telescope Due to the immense gravity of black holes, imaging them directly is impossible with current technology.  With gravity so strong that not even light can escape, what do you image?  So far we’ve been able to detect the existence of black holes by measuring the dust,…

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The Huge LQG (Large Quasar Group)

The large quasar group is a massive group of quasars that spans over four billion light years.  When this structure was discovered in November of 2012, and after two months of rigorous verification, it was deemed the largest known structure in the universe.  Though no longer, as that title now…

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The Young Stars of NGC 7129

NGC7129 Young Star Cluster

The Young Stars of NGC 7129 This gorgeous loose cluster of stars holds youthful, energetic and youthful sun-like stars.  These stars, only a few million years old are creating the beautiful scenery you see here. The blue dust you see is simply just dust reflecting the starlight.  The red half-moon…

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Little Astro Planet

Little Planet Astro Camp Soponyai

Little Astro Planet These photos are just so damn cool.  This particular photo was assembled from a 33 hour long exposure covering a full 360 degrees around and 180 degrees from top to bottom.  When the photo is assembled, it almost looks like a little planet! The image photos used…

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