My go-to IT tools I use as a Systems Administrator

Every Systems Administrator is going to have their toolkit of go-to tools that they must install on their new workstation when they start somewhere new, or a USB stick full of installers and portable applications that they can’t live without.  This list is as varied as the sys admins that are behind them.  Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you and what you’re familiar with.  For me, I’m fairly open to different tools but there are some that I usually get installed right away.

I use the word “tools” loosely.  What I mean is that some of these applications may not fall under “tools” for IT personnel, but are usually applications that I use daily in my job or at least a few times a week.  Some of these are online SaaS platforms, and to me, these are tools just as much as those that I install.

Anyways, on to the list.  And these are in no particular order:

  1. Notepad++
  2. Filezilla client
  3. Chrome
  4. Firefox
  5. Remote Desktop Organizer
  6. 7zip
  7. LiLi (Linux Live)
  8. Telnet server (enabled in Programs and Features)
  9. Route53
  10. EC2
  11. Vultr
  12. Putty
  13. WinDirStat / Treesize
  14. Diskpart
  15. Hyper-V or Oracle Virtual Box
  16. OneNote (need a Microsoft account)

All of these tools I use on a daily basis.  There are likely others that I’ve used a LOT in the past such as LogMeIn CentralConnectWise and LabTech.  There are many, many others that I’ve used but these that I’ve listed are those that I use ALL THE TIME.

What toolset do you keep on you?

Husband, father, dog owner, technology enthusiast, player of PC games. Systems Administrator / Engineer over the last five years. Some of the articles here are thoughts and opinions based on my own beliefs and are not associated with my employer.

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