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Easy Mode – Install VLC Media Player

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You may be searching for codecs to play FLV files in the native Windows Media Player application in Windows 10.  You need to be careful finding one as most search results will lead you to a sketchy download site where you could most likely end up with more (or not even) your codec package at all.  Now all you’re left with is a bunch of bloatware, malware or worse.

Really, all you really need is VLC media player.  VLC has been around a long time and is completely trusted and fine to download.

During the installation you’ll have the opportunity to select VLC as the default player for file types.  Just be sure that the FLV box is checked and you’ll be all set.  Don’t worry about having to find a legitimate website to install a codec for FLV files.

Stubborn? Ok, try this instead…

Just kidding.  I can’t in my right mind tell you where to go to get your FLV codecs for Windows 10.  Its messy, risky and just not worth it.  Until Microsoft comes out with a means to play FLV files in Windows Media player, simply just use VLC (among other players) to fulfill your FLV playback desires.


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