Take some time to thank past employers

I could be completely wrong here in thinking this, but I almost feel like this is an unspoken and quite powerful relationship builder that you could do as an employee of any company.  If you could take some time out of your day to thank your past employers, I think a couple of benefits come out of this.

Let’s take a step back and remember why you are in the position you’re in now.  You’ve got a good job that pays well and you’re with a great company.  And even if you don’t believe it now, you will be someday.  You got to where you are because of the experiences you’ve gained and the people you knew, not to mention your incredible work ethic.  All of these aligned, land us (ultimately) to our dream job, and each place of employment has been another step up in our professional careers.

I find it quite rewarding to take a few minutes to write up an email, or a LinkedIn message (I may tag you also 🙂 to past employers to simply say “thank you”.

  • Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to improve upon my professional foundation.
  • Thank you for allowing me to be a member of your team.
  • Thank you for giving me the knowledge I needed to advance myself professionally, and even often times personally as well.
  • Thank you for the great relationships I have built through your channels, from the phenomenal team members you so carefully employ.

Through the short amount of time I’ve been in the IT industry, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge in a short stretch.  This has come directly from those I’ve had the pleasure of working with and the companies behind these amazing individuals who took the time to teach me something.  And the learning doesn’t stop here and it certainly doesn’t slow down.  This is what I love about IT.

For those who are still up and coming:

Don’t ever feel you’ve learned “enough”.  The day where you think that, it’s time to move along into a more challenging atmosphere.  If the company isn’t a good fit, find a place that is.

Don’t burn bridges.  Always do the right thing.  Provide feedback to the company where you think things could be improved.  Literally everyone has something they can improve.

Find personal time.  If you’re a hard worker, that’s a great trait.  Don’t lose that motivation!  But find time for your family.  You’ll be a lot happier, and when you’re happy, so are those around you.

Don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions.  You’ll never get an answer if you don’t ask it.  I know you probably hear it a lot, but its absolutely true.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  This is how we learn.  We make a mistake, analyze what happened, find a constructive means to recover and move on.  Don’t waste valuable energy on the negative.  Focus on the solution.  This says a lot about character and fortitude.

When you shake a hand, mean it.

Always say thank you to those who helped you.

I have a lot to learn, and I look forward to it.  And I will always try my best to remember those who got me there.

Husband, father, dog owner, technology enthusiast, player of PC games. Systems Administrator / Engineer over the last five years. Some of the articles here are thoughts and opinions based on my own beliefs and are not associated with my employer.

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